Multi Level Marketing – How to Keep Your Team Members

Multi Level Marketing – How to Keep Your Team

Recruiting new members into your Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program is
hard work and it takes time to build a good solid team. It can be quite
disheartening if you you’re your team members dropping out.
So just how do you keep your team members active in your team?
There is probably no one stead fast rule that works for each member. All your
team members are different and will approach the whole business each in
their own way. This can also be based on their prior experience with both
MLM programs and Internet Marketing in general.

If any of your team members are new to online business, they will probably
not know much about how to recruit new members for their own team. They
may not have a lot of experience in websites, traffic exchanges, writing
articles or all the other options available to recruit new members.
You don’t want to overwhelm your members though by trying to give them too
much information too soon. If you do this will just lead to information overload
which can then make things even more difficult to understand and more
stressful than when they knew nothing.

You need to approach your members gradually, don’t bombard them with
everything in one hit.
First off you should just send them an email welcoming them to your program
and explain to them that you are their team leader and give them an invitation
to contact you if they need to. Make them feel comfortable about emailing
you with questions if they need to.

Then perhaps a few days later you can send them an email asking them if
they understand what the program is about or if there is anything that they
need clarified. Maybe ask them how much experience they have with MLM
programs and Internet Marketing and once again tell them that they can feel
free to email you if they need any help.

Most prospects at this stage will contact you if they are unsure of anything
and need the program explained more or if they have no idea where to start
with promotion.
Always make sure you answer your emails from your team members. The
quickest way to lose your members is by not communicating with them and
especially when they contact you asking for advice. This will only make them
feel as though you brought them into the program for your benefit and your
benefit alone but don’t really care whether they succeed or not.
Remember that you will only succeed with your program if your team
members succeed also.


A few days after the last email you can send another email giving a brief
explanation of the program. Try to simplify it as much as you can. Some
programs are quite easy to understand how they work and others can be
great programs but are not explained very well and can take a little while to
get an understanding of them. So especially if you are involved in a program
that is difficult to understand, send them an email trying to give a brief but
understanding explanation of the program.
Once again at the end of the email let them know they may feel free to email
you any time.

A few days later send an email about promotion. Give them some
promotional ideas and let them know all your own methods of promotion. If
you use too many to bombard them with in one hit, then explain a few
methods and perhaps a few days later send another email explaining the
It can often benefit your team greatly to write a short report explaining the
program and the promotional methods that you use. Once they join give them
a copy of the report to have a read through and then tell them to contact you if
they have any questions.


The other way to help your team is to set up your own website for the sole
purpose of your MLM program. Outline in your website how the program
works, what the benefits of the program are, what the pay structure of the
program is and how to promote the program.
When a new member joins send them a welcome email and let them know
about your website and suggest they have a read through your site to learn
more about the program.

Some members will be more willing to learn everything they can about your
program than others. There isn’t a lot you can do about that, if someone is
just looking for a get rich quick scheme and not really interested in learning
the program, they aren’t a strong team member, so just accept that you will
get members like that and work with the members that are willing to learn and
achieve their goals.
The most important point is to communicate with your team members and
always reply to their emails.


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