Why 70% of People Fail With Network Marketing

Around 70% of people fail with network marketing programs but don’t let that turn you off as there is a reason that they fail. Read this article to learn the reasons that those 70% fail and you can avoid making the same mistakes.

The reason that 70% of people fail with network marketing is:

• They don’t do enough research;

• They don’t put in enough effort;

• They are looking for the ‘get rich quick’ scheme and are disappointed when they aren’t becoming rich straight away;

• They don’t give the program enough time.

Not Doing Enough Research: joining a network marketing program without first doing research is a big mistake. Programs vary greatly with the products that they offer their members and also the commission payment structure that they use. You need to find out how the program works before you sign up to anything.

Many people give up on programs because they hear about how much income they can make and then sign up without finding out anything else. Then when they do find out how the program works it may not be suited to them and therefore find it hard to motivate themselves to put in the effort and will eventually quit.

Always do your research before joining any network marketing program.

Not Putting In Enough Effort: people go into these programs to earn money but unfortunately when people are recruiting new members they place lots of emphasis on the income opportunity and make it sound extremely easy. Then people join thinking that they will earn money without having to work too hard for it.

However like with any business your network marketing business will only be successful if you put in the effort to make it successful.

Looking For the Get Rich Quick Scheme: As mentioned above when people promote these programs they will usually emphasize the income opportunity and many programs will give the impression that you will get rich very, very quickly with minimal effort. Many people join expecting to be earning an amazing income within the week and when they don’t they just quit.
It is true that you can earn an amazing income with a network marketing program but it’s not going to happen overnight.

Not giving it enough time: the majority of people who fail with online business programs do so because they give up too quickly. These programs take time to build just as any business takes time to build. If you put in the time and the effort to build your business you will reap the rewards in the long-term.

70% of people quit network marketing programs in the first 30 days of joining and usually because they haven’t gotten rich yet. They don’t put in any effort and then complain when they haven’t made any money.

The 30% who stick with the program past the first 30 days will usually do very well with the program and 10% of people go on to do extremely well and become quite rich with the program.

The choice really is yours whether you will stick with a program long enough to make it work and put in the effort necessary to make it a success. If you think you are one of the few then you are in luck and will do really well and be very successful.

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