4th Day of 30 Day Credit Tips – Auto Credit Score

4th Day of 30 Day Credit Tips – Auto Credit Score

Auto Credit Score also known as Auto Industry Optional Score is used by over 90% of auto lenders to determine your auto loan.

This score reflects your car payment history and the auto lenders use this as insight to whether you are more susceptible of defaulting on your car loan.

You may have noticed when shopping for a new car the lender will ask you if you know your credit score, what they don’t tell you is that they also rely on the auto industry optional score.

Normally the auto industry does not use this score on an on going basis after the car loan has been issued.

There is an app called Smart Credit which helps a user to monitor his/her money & transactions in one place including monitoring credit score and auto credit score.

For more information click on Smart Credit to learn more.


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